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1009 Burning Springs Drive
Louisville, KY 40223

Voces Novae Info Line: 502.500.3625

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Nancy Harris
Harris Entertainment
2924 Glenafton Ln.
Louisville, KY 40217
Phone: (502) 267-0148

About Voces Novae

Louisville’s own Voces Novae is a unique, semi-professional choral ensemble conducted by Frank A. Heller, III, its founding Artistic Director.  Now in its 25th season, the ensemble was founded in 1993 and is composed of 50 to 60 selectively auditioned singers from the Louisville and Southern Indiana metropolitan area.  The Latin phrase voces novae (“new voices”) reflects its mission and vision:

A community uplifting the human spirit by performing the finest in choral literature.  We are dedicated to awakening the highest musical artistry, providing a camaraderie that nurtures our members’ musical and personal development, and delivering a gift to our audience that evokes the spirit with which we embrace our music.

In past years, Voces Novae has partnered with the Louisville Orchestra for Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, conducted by Jorge Mester; the 2014-2015 season saw the vocal ensemble perform Carmina Burana with the Louisville Orchestra under the direction of Teddy Abrams.

Voces Novae's repertoire includes a particular focus on a cappella and contemporary American music; however, the ensemble consistently performs an eclectic array of works ranging from early chant to European classical to living modern composers. 

As Marty Rosen wrote in The Courier-Journal, "Though Frank Heller III and company are masterful interpreters of established repertoire, hardly a concert goes by that they don't also find at least one brilliant contemporary work that seems to transcend the limits of choral performance.”  Mr. Rosen praised Voces Novae as “one of Louisville’s most treasured musical institutions” (The Courier-Journal) and later wrote, “Of all of Louisville’s musical ensembles—including the orchestra and the opera—none more consistently creates heart-wrenching, jaw-dropping, emotional moments than Voces Novae.”  (LEO)

“Heller knows how to coax a sound from his colleagues that is blended elegantly from top to bottom without ever sounding homogenized. … I wanted more, more and more.” (Andrew Adler, The Courier-Journal)

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