Past Seasons

2017-2018 Season
Members and Alumni
Silver Soul
Sounding the Soul

2016-2017 Season
Treasured Works Through the Ages
Choral Portraits -- René Clausen, Eleanor Daley, Susan LaBarr, & Z. Randall Stroope
Embracing New Friends -- Including Elaine Hagenberg, Blake Henson, and Jake Runestad

2015-2016 Season
Choral Portraits -- Music from across the pond.
A cappella -- Music by Dominick Argento, Paul Hindemith, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Eric Whitacre, and more!
Made in America -- Music written after 2011.

2014-2015 Season
Birth --- The Journey Begins
Living ---The Adventure Unfolds
Paradise ---The Path Beyond

2013-2014 Season
Concert I I Go Among Trees
Concert II A Cappella
Concert III Made in America

2012-2013 Season
Concert I Delights for Young and Old
Concert II An Afternoon at the Opera House
Concert III Our Greatest Platinum Hits

2011-2012 Season
Concert I Letters of Love → Read the Review
Concert II Words of Wisdom
Concert III Telling of Tales

2010-2011 Season
Concert I Made in America...Modern Landscapes
Concert II Gematria...Treasures of Jewish Music
Concert III (Almost) A Cappella: Ageless Masterpieces

2009-2010 Season
Concert I MUSINGS: Edgar Allan Poe
Concert II MUSINGS: William Shakespeare
Concert III MUSINGS: 20th Century American Poets

2008-2009 Season
Concert I Wendell Berry → Read the Review
Concert II Sara Teasdale, Emily Dickinson, and Friends
Concert III Walt Whitman and Robert Frost

2007 - 2008 Season
Concert I Unfolding in the Present
Concert II Reconciliation → Read the Review
Concert III Rejoicing in our Heritage

2006 - 2007 Season
Concert I A Classic - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Concert II The Many Facets of Harry Pickens → Read the Review
Concert III Celtic Colors with Bill Douglas

2005 - 2006 Season
Concert I Life: Embodying the Spirit
Concert II Life: Embracing the Journey
Concert III Life: Enjoying the Dance

2004 - 2005 Season
Concert I Prisms: Light
Concert II Prisms: Love → Read the Review
Concert III Prisms: Life → Read the Review

2003 - 2004 Season
Concert I Made in America → Read the Review
Concert II Choral Portraits: Cohen, Daley & Whitacre → Read the Review
Concert III A Cappella → Read the Review

2002 - 2003 Season
Concert I Resounding Together: In This Hallowed House → Read the Review
Concert II Resounding Together: In a New Age
Concert III Resounding Together: In Our Recollection → Read the Review

2001 - 2002 Season
Concert I Deep Within → Read the Review
Concert II Meihaleìv (From the Heart) → Read the Review
Beethoven's Symphony No.9 → Read the Review
Concert III Soulful → Read the Review

2000 - 2001 Season
Concert I Gloria → Read the Review
Concert II Feminine Persuasion → Read the Review
Concert III René Clausen: A Portrait

1999 - 2000 Season
Concert I Robert Shaw: An American Legacy
Concert II Centurians: Americans of the 20th Century
Concert III Turning Point 2000

1998 - 1999 Season
Concert I Doubles
Concert II Carmina Burana
Concert III A Portrait: Randall Thompson

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